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What happens when a pump arrives on site? Once the pump has arrived at your site, the operator will work together with the client or the site manager to set everything up safely. Once this is done, the concrete will be mixed and poured into the required area. After the concrete has been successfully poured, the pump operator will pack away the boom and other equipment, and the pipeline will be dismantled. All equipment will be washed and packed away.
Can you supply both the pump and the concrete? Of course! We provide a flexible service that meets your needs, so whether you just require a pump, some concrete or a combination of both, we’re here to help.
What type of concrete can you mix and pump? Just speak to our friendly team, who can help you pinpoint which type of concrete will best suit your project and whether it can be pumped.
Does cement need to be supplied as well? Cement is mixed with other materials to create grout, and we use this to prevent blockages in the pumps.
How many bags of cement will I need? This will depend on the needs of your specific project. Just get in touch with our team who can help you establish how much cement you’ll need.
Do pumps need much space? How much space we require will depend on the type of pump you choose and the specific dimensions and access needs of your site. Discuss your requirements with our friendly team, and we'll decide on the best approach together.
What do I need to wash out the pump? Washing out the pump is simple, and just needs some water and a washout box. This box can be hired from us directly.
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We cover a wide area across the south west and south coast. Get in touch with our friendly and helpful team to see if we cover your area.


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